How Technology Can Help

A prevalent demand that is observed in the CC market is for a technology that helps to create and implement routing flows simply without relying on the technical support team for every iteration. A CC technology with faster time to market and that alleviates manual efforts helps in staying ahead from the competition. Interaction flow designer is one such contact center technology, which allows simple drag-and-drop building blocks to create interaction flows. The interaction flow designers work beyond simple IVR flow designing and can help in simplifying complex interaction customizations.  The idea is to empower even the most non-technical users with the ability to design, build, validate and deliver the most intricate customer journeys. Capability to create business-oriented complex interaction flows without programming or scripting automates the repetitive tasks and saves valuable agent time in the long run. On the other hand, customers get a smooth transition from one interaction point to another.

Ameyo’s Web-Based Synthesizer: Interactions Simplified

To cater to the needs of industries with highly fluid business process, Ameyo Web Synthesizer allows the organizations to design their customer interaction flow encompassing all the communication channels.

To help our customers and partners always stay ahead in the CX game, our motto at Ameyo is to improve and update our solution constantly. Taking a step ahead in this, Ameyo has worked towards bringing new capabilities in its interaction flow designer to enable customers design interaction flow logic on their own without coming back to the support team for every change.

Ameyo Synthesizer provides all that is needed to build better customer and agent experiences in a simple-drag and-drop editor. The workspace of synthesizer features an intuitive palette of components required to design the logic and a large canvas for designing the interaction flows. Users just have to drag components onto the canvas, configure the attributes via simple drop-down selectors, and connect the components with transitions.

Ameyo Web synthesizer lets users create a custom flow which can be hooked at various execution points such as manual dial, conference, autodial, inbound dial and thus proves beneficial in multiple facets.

Ameyo’s simplified and web-based interaction flow designer enables its users to perform:

  • Undo/Redo operations to make an error-free design with easy single click drag and drop design palette options.
  • Apply validations to make conditional workflows as per the business needs.
  • Screen the interaction flow designs with easy-to-use zoom-in & zoom-out options.
  • Copy/import node flows to inherit functionalities for saving the time needed to code from the scratch.
  • Design and implement workflow in a single instance.

To put it simply, Ameyo’s web-based Synthesizer is here to take off those extra manual efforts of designing interaction flows every single time and make your contact center operations easier with a complete solution to take on all the challenges of handling customer interaction flow changes.